Bepita, bringing homemade pitas to Amsterdam

Take a journey through new flavours—imagine entering a vibrant Middle Eastern market filled with rich aromas of grilled meats, herbs and spices. The menu at Bepita combines spicy, sweet and savoury flavours with fresh, homemade pita bread, available in white or whole wheat options. At Bepita, light, airy pita bread is the star of the show, and it’s prepared daily using traditional techniques. The soft dough is baked in a clay oven until golden brown and glistening with a splash of olive oil.

Each pita pocket is packed full of fresh, healthy ingredients and doused with savoury herbs and zesty spices. Embark on your own taste adventure—guests have ample options to choose from including, vegetarian friendly grilled vegetables and roasted mushrooms, along with juicy lamb kebab, lean cuts of steak, succulent chicken or spicy fish. Top it off with a spoonful of creamy tahini or spicy zhug sauce made on location. The soft pita bread absorbs all the sweet and savoury flavours to create a delicious harmony with every bite.

Along with a variety of handheld pita meals, the mouth watering menu also features additional Middle Eastern dishes such as aarais, shakshuka, falafel and sabich—each with their own exciting and unique flavour palette. Compliment your meal with a variety of delicious, vegetarian side dishes including baby cauliflower or sweet potatoes.

Pita is a delicious staple of Middle Eastern cuisine, and the soft bread creates a perfect pouch to hold a unique combination of spiced fillings for a taste that takes you to the promised land...with a new twist on the traditional, handheld meal.